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“The children that come from CTDS to Cotting School are socialized, thoughtful and aware of themselves and the parents are strong advocates of these children in a careful, thoughtful and aware way. There are no quick fixes for children with complex special needs. But, CTDS has the professional expertise, consistency and patience it takes to meet each child’s emotional, cognitive, linguistic and educational needs. Their work with each student’s parents, siblings and extended family members is a model in our field."

Dave Manzo, President and Executive Director, Cotting School




















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Our academic philosophy acknowledges that learning takes place within the significant therapeutic relationship between teacher and child. Our staff is clinically trained to recognize the importance of the interplay between therapy and learning.
We determine a child’s ability to work based on our assessment of language competency, the intrusion of thoughts and behaviors, ability to attend and cognitive capacities.
At CTDS each child's Educational Plan is designed with respect to individual strengths and challenges. Our academic program allows the child to become a functioning participant in the child's learning environment, enhances self-esteem and helps the child work toward mastery at his own pace.
Classes are small and function as a therapeutic milieu. The classroom culture provides children with the safety conducive to explore their social and emotional world. The constancy of the classroom schedule, the consistency of the classroom rules and an atmosphere of safety and containment facilitate optimal learning. We teach children how to sit still, listen, focus on what is being taught, how to take turns and follow directions. The staff explore feelings, prod, listen, assess, encourage and guide children throughout the course of the child’s day.  We encourage critical thinking through questions, discussion and exploration of materials. The child’s capacity for creativity is further enhanced by the interplay between relationships, ideas and objects. Success in the classroom leads to a feeling of accomplishment and this, in turn, leads to further growth and enhanced self- esteem.
The Community Therapeutic Day School follows the guidelines of the Massachusetts Core Curriculum. The program is individualized and modified to meet the needs of each CTDS child. A library, computers and audiovisual materials supplement classroom learning.